Airend Repair & Rebuild Facility

Supreme Accuracy and Precision

As the heart of the screw compressor, we understand that air end must be handled at utmost care and by expertise. Rebuilding an air end to it's original specific performance is a precision exercise. As the sole Sullair Air End Repair Centre in South East Asia, we are manned by factory trained and certified technicians, equipped with state-of-the-art equipments in a factory certified facility, to perform repair and overhaul service at your needs, whatever the history was. all our rebuild is done in accordance with factory design specification.
Speak to one of our expert staff to assess the condition of your compressors air end to determine when your next rebuild is due.

Electromotor Repair Shop

Mastered Precision

Not only the airend, motor as one of the major and critical rotating part of the air compressor also requires well maintainance. We are able to offer following services via our spacious and sophisticated facility of electric motor repair and maintenance shop:

Repair and rewind motora from small horsepower up to 4000 HP. low, medium and high voltage.
Repair & rewind of all rotating equipments including AC / DC motors, alternators and motor generator sets
VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) of windings.
Traction motor repairs / rewinds
Motor audits and management programmes
Full traceability and identification
Detailed failure reports
Unbiased repair / replace advice
Rebuilds to as-new specification using genuine manufacturer parts
Full static and run tests