Analysis and Advice

Choosing the right machines and equipments based on your business requirements are crucial. We provide extensive range of analysis and advice on air compressors as well as for coding and marking systems for your business application. Our sales engineers will provide you with a tailored solution that will meet your needs. Live demonstration for coding and marking systems are also available to make your decision making even easier by seeing actual print result for your intended products.

Compressed Air System Design and Installation

With our product knowledge, expertise, and various industrial experience, we provide our customers with design, installation planning, and management of compressed air systems that suit both technical and cost requirements. Our design and installation services includes but not limited to the following: air / gas demand calculation, piping structure design,electrical and foundation requirement, on-the-site labor provision during installation and pre-commissioning.

Compressed Air System Automation

With a flexible, built-in serial communication capability on each equipment we provide, linked to DCS / SCADA system, we can be your answer to a networked compressed air control system, with any architecture, any configuration, any preference

Air Audit and Optimisation

With more than 20 years of experience as the leading provider of compressed air systems, we are pleased to assist our customer to achieve an optimum configuration for a better compressed air system efficiency . This means, reducing energy costs, increase productivity, and reducing downtime. Our air auditing services are offered with flexibility to meet specific budgets and/or concentrate on specific problem areas

PreDelivery Inspection

An excellent quality control, test and inspection procedure will convey a defect free product for our customers. Ensuring that delivered equipments will be ready for use anytime

Factory Trained Technicians

With our factory trained technicians we are proud to be able to provide you effective and quality assured technical support according to manufacturer's standards on your compressed air system needs

Technical Training

We care about the right operation and maintenance of your machine and equipment investment. As such, we are able to provide technical training for our custoemers' operators and/or maintenance team, conducted at your site